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How it works.

In 3 steps towards financial sovereignty!
Live bold. Behave humble.

How does it work?

We’ve got you covered, with the amplitude money management tool.


One life, two accounts, infinite financial independence.

Master your money management, step by step!

Integrate your Information


You do not have to worry about anything. 

We're automatically analysing your financial situation within seconds. 

You will see your regular income streams and we are going to list you all of your Fixcost - do you remember all of them? 

Based on your individual situation, we are going to propose a Lifestyle Budget for you.


From now on you know exactly how much money you should spend at any time of the month.

Connect your Accounts


Easy connect your bank accounts with our PSD-2 licensed API connection. 

It is as easy as login in to your Online Banking. 


Start managing your money

The first thing you'll see on the Dashboard is that big number. It is showing you the Account Balance at the end of the chosen month in the diagram.

The yellow curve – Cash-Flow Curve is telling you how your Account Balance is evolving over the next month. 

The amplitude ColorCoach is also telling you if you should reduce your Standard of living (Fixcosts) or your Lifestyle (Variable Costs)

You now can tell in January, what you can spend in May for your Vacation in August.

Want to learn more?

13min - German language

Get on top of your money

Stop the anxiety of not knowing what's up and get your financial easygoingness back.