The Royal Road to Financial Independence.

Financial Sovereignty for Everyone
Live bold. Behave humble.

At the end of the money too much month left?


We’ve got you covered, with the amplitude money management tool. One life, two accounts, infinite financial independence.

Master your money management, step by step!


Want to make the right and rational decisions in your daily life?

The amplitude 2-Account-Model empowers everyone to financial sovereignty without limiting lifestyle!

The rest budget diagram gives you the answer at a glance in real time visualisation.


"Can I afford that right now?"
– You've got the answer in your pocket


Do you have an overview of your finances of tomorrow?

Plan your Future Expenses with the amplitude Cash-Flow-Curve, aka the at-the-end-of-the-month-there-is-still-enough-money-left curve.

Your personal dashboard qualifies you to get on top of your money and to see beyond tomorrow.


"Can I go christmas shopping in NYC in December?"
– You've got the answer in your pocket


What is your financial IQ?

With the amplitude MoneyCoach you accomplish to grow financial awareness so that you can make the right decisions, now and in the future.

The amplitude Advisory with Tutorials and Podcasts. Finance, simple, visually explained.


"An investment in knowledge always pays
the best interest"
– Benjamin Franklin

How does it work?

We believe in you

"We believe that you can get yourself on top of your money and see beyond tomorrow.

Every aspect of life is influenced by money and we help you to get this important pillar get right."


Top Grade Data Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

Data privacy security is our overall value. We won't monetise or use your data. Other than that, we have several security barriers in place which will ensure that your personal data is safe with us. 

Our Mission

Get people to challenge their financial status-quo and show them the royal road to financial independence!

Get on top of your money

Stop the anxiety of not knowing what's up and get your financial easygoingness back.


Johanna Bredt

I've tried several finance apps before that I stopped using though. I was just annoying to keep track of all expenses manually. Now there is amplitude, fully intuitive and easy to use.

Alexander Mehler

School or Universities do not teach such things. When I came across amplitude I didn't know what to expect but actually learning how to manage my money is great.

Ana Deaconu

First, I came across amplitude with their finance coaching for the Young Generation. Now that I use it regularly it feels like finance is part of my lifestyle.

Workbook Mockup_.jpg


Hole dir jetzt dein Workbook für Zuhause und lerne wie Du zum

Money-Manger wirst. 

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