The royal road to financial sovereignty

Because you just cannot not manage money

WHY amplitude?


Because you just cannot not

manage money​.

Because every day you will make countless decisions that are in some way related to money.

In your life, YOU make the decisions - we serve as instrument to make the right decisions.

Without instruments, a pilot flies blind - are you going through life 'blind'?

Here to your instruments...

HOW to implement?


Sovereignty means being independent and capable.

  1. Finance education

  2. Software integration

At amplitude, we combine these two important components.
wichtigen Komponenten vereinen wir bei amplitude.

The workbook is for financial education and the App for digital integration into everyday life.

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we offer?

We're the 'google maps' on your journey to financial sovereignty.

The Workbook in which our knowledge is summarised for you and taught in an understandable way. 

How to achieve your healthy financial lifestyle and at the same time know about ETF & stocks.

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The amplitude App with our innovative algorithm for the fully automated and digital integration of amplitude money management into your everyday life.

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Workbook Mockup_.jpg


Get your Workbook sent home now and learn how to become a



Daily reconciliation of your expected and actual transactions

Automatic recognition of all your transactions during setup

Smart Algorithm

Your accounts integrated within 90s

No more manual entries ever again. Digital, fully automatic and clearly displayed for you at any time.  

The App at a glance


Lifestyle 2.0 

Know at any time how much money you've got left to lavish this month.

Control single-handedly how at the end of the money no month is left and experience spending money without bad feelings

All your Lifestyle expenses listed and displayed within categories

You see how much money you can spend & how your remaining budget relates to the day of the month.


See beyond tomorrow and plan your account balance 12 months ahead


Direct feedback from our ColorCoach on your cost types. You'll learn what this is within our Workbook.


Be able to view your account balance 12 months in advance.


Our Color Coach gives you feedback on how to achieve a healthy financial lifestyle. Your dashboard for making the right decisions in life - now and for the future.


Don't let life f*** you.


Be smart and think one step ahead. Digital education or personal advice, but only if you want it. Find personal advice nearby, they have been pre-screened and approved by us.

Personal advice nearby
- only if you want it.

Clarification and information about your foundation in life.

Tutorials and learning videos for the basics of cash-flow management

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Our Mission

Get people to challenge their financial status-quo and show them the royal road to financial independence!


Top Grade Data Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

Data privacy security is our overall value. We won't monetise or use your data. Other than that, we have several security barriers in place which will ensure that your personal data is safe with us.