How to become a money manager in 3 steps 

Before you know it, you’ll be able to afford the things you want the most.
That's the state where you'll have become an amployee

Get your brain behind it


Get to know the amplitude

2-Account-Model by taking the Online Seminar or by applying the knowledge within our brand new Workbook.


Download the amplitude App


Go to the App Store and download the amplitude App. 

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Set up your account 

Connect your Bank Account in the Profile Section.

Start integrating your information​-

Double check your analysed ​

  • Income

  • Fixcosts

  • Lifestyle Costs

  • Financial Costs

You now can tell in January, what you can spend in May for your holiday in August.

Get on top of your money

Stop the anxiety of not knowing what's up and get your financial easygoingness back.